From Script to Screen

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Hello again! Time to let you in for a behind the scenes glimpse of how we, at Thousand Media, work creatively with our clients in creating our top quality, professional TV Commercials and Online Video content. I’m going to assume that if you are here reading this blog post, you have seen and read the services that we provide but we thought it would be a good idea to go into this in more depth for you!

First, we meet with you to understand your business, your objectives, and services as well as your desired demographics. From this meeting, we are able to form a brief where we formulate our ideas. Once the concepts are formed, we turn them into scripts and storyboards so you are able to get a visual sense of the end product. At the end of this stage, we come back and pitch these concepts back to you free of charge!

Once it is established what concept you like the most, we develop the idea further in a creative rationale that obtains all the relevant documentations needed for you to make your decision on whether this is the concept you would want to go with for your campaign.
From there, we agree on the budget and Thousand Media get the official go-ahead to start Production! Contracts are formed and invoices for the first 50% of the budget are sent and away we go! (pssst… if you would like to hear more about what’s included in our production process, click here.)

As you’ve most likely seen all over our website and social media, we take care of the whole production from Script to Screen. As soon as you give us the official go ahead, we are busy, busy, busy making sure the campaign achieves its maximum potential, starting with scouting for the perfect location to set your TV advertisement or online video. From then on we invite you into our humble abode at 77-79 Blythe Road for a Pre-Production meeting where we fill you in on our plans and make sure you are 100% happy with the progress taking place for the campaign and the choices being made. Casting would also take place on this day (if the concept requires actors). After that, we knuckle down and prepare the remaining details/requirements for the upcoming shooting days.

On the day of the shoot, you get to see us in action and oversee the whole production day from start to finish, making sure you are happy with the outcome of the video. The day after the filming ends, our editor knuckles down to create the first Offline Edit for your viewing. From there, we await your feedback and make the desired changes to your campaign and present the Second Cut to you a week later! But it doesn’t stop there, while you are looking at that, we also send it off to our composer to compose some magical, original music that will transform your campaign before inviting you back into our lovely Production House to sit down with us for your Final Online Edit to oversee us putting all the finishing touches on the master edit, ready for clearance for broadcast (Clearcast).

After it’s cleared we will send it along to the required destinations so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

But our service’s doesn’t stop there, oh no, we can help you track the response your campaign. It is our every intention to improve and innovate with you as your business flourishes so we can see where improvements and further opportunities can be found.

Thousand Media is a video production company which specialises in producing top quality TV commercials for first time advertisers and start-up companies for a fraction of the cost. Want to work with us? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you!